A passion, familiar and serene
Has once again invaded the scene
A spectacular array of glamorous torture
That poisons hearts and cuts them clean
It’s a thrill, this love thing.
A delusional high that leaves you high and dry
Until into the sheets you crawl
Wishing you’d never have loved at all
But yet u still cleave to it.
You cling to the hope, and tear shed dream
Of that special person, your spouse to be
And all that ever happens to you
Is that you wake up another day, hopeful yet crushed
Just pleading for something new.
And then they come by,
Renew your emotional high
Making you feel as everything’s gonna be ok
You stand there, smug expression on your face,
Counting the seconds until they walk away.
And they leave you there, carrying on with their normal lives
As if you never existed,
String you along with devices of your own making,
Bringing so much disappointment it soon feels scripted.
The never ending cycle, passion, loss anxiety
Creeps up once more,
And your left wondering,
How can I be sure?
There is a love, that never has failed you yet however,
But you perhaps have never noticed
It’s origin is no mystery
But many simply choose to ignore it
For it seems so far away, unreal as it could ever be
But yet so tender and joyful to those who hold it dearly.
It’s the love of a God, a miracle working savior,
Who sent His Son so that you two could be together
It’s a love that is independent of the just and the unjust,
And many love Him because He first loved us
Perhaps you may be suffering from that eternal struggle of that spouse to be,
But His love is greater, and lasts for eternity.
So maybe you haven’t tried Him, is there anything really to lose?
Or is there something to gain?
Go on in your life of misery,
Or live happy and free, losing all your guilty stains…
It’s your choice… choose wisely


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