ImageCould there ever be something more insane, 

than worship in the rain?

that in this melancholic atmosphere

you loose out all your pain?

everything’s falling around you

it’s murky, dank and filled with disdain

Yet you’re reaching you to the mighty Jehovah

Who’s cleaning all your guilty stains; 

Elijah waited upon the Lord,

and the mighty winds arose

He could’ve sworn he heard something,

but there was not even a ghost

the earthquake came and fires raged

and God was not to be found,

but after was a still, small voice

and he heardthe most heavenly sound

So what merits me,

to drown all of my fears

in the hum of my heart’s song

Amidst the spate of sky tears?

You could say what you want, 

but I will not refrain,

I will keep reaching out, 

And worship in the rain.


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