You know what really gets me on edge sometimes? When I hear people make statements like “If the song doesn’t have the name Jesus in it, that it’s not a Christian song!” or “that you in the song could be anybody! How do we know that it’s not some girl?” Are we serious brethren? I have heard A LOT of complaints about some songs nowadays, that they “sound too much like the world” or that “the people who sing it are just in it for the money” and I wonder to myself, is this what we have really come to?

Many a people quote this lovely scripture that they then proceed to ram down little Christian  youths and brainwash them, saying that we should not conform to the world, but is that Paul really meant when speaking to the Romans? that we should completely shun everything that looks like the world? I would love to think not, for in Corinthians 9:22 this self same Paul said that he became all things unto all men that he may win some.

What he meant was to have a MINDSET different to the world; we live in this world, and so how can we possibly not live like the world? Simple case in point of what I mean:last week I had to wait for public transportation. I had to reach to church for a practice session, and ended up leaving the taxi stand the time that the practice commenced. Did I complain? Did I worry? no, but those around me did. They were frustrated; ready to rip someone’s head off. But me? None of that! I exercised that perfect patience, and even though I was late, I ended up reaching before they could have even started… a different mindset is all you need.

So back to the matter at hand: the music. Psalm 24:1 tells us that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. What does this have to do with music? Everything. God created music, sound, and just about everything you could think of… so how could one type of music in itself be bad? I frown when I think about the heavy metal kid who gets turned away from his church because his music is “devil music”. That could be all the kid knows, and who’s to say he can’t worship the Almighty God with his heavy metal? All I ever heard about a prerequisite for worship was that they must worship in spirit and in truth. No genre of music has ever made it impossible to do that. And to those who say this was used for that and the other, does it make the tool itself evil? Does a gun kill people?

The next issue is those of the Christian artistes in the industry who are labelled as “doing it for the money”. And to those I say: SO WHAT?  First of all, how they make their living is up to them, and their actions are accountable to God, NOT you. Many of those ‘moneymakers’ have done much more in the kingdom of God, using their public influence to spread the gospel while you sit in your comfort zone and criticize. Their music is not their only form of ministry, and perhaps not even their ministry at all, so please, friends, don’t judge, don’t condemn. If you don’t like the music, then don’t listen to it! And don’t try to ruin it for others either.

Now mind you, there are wolves in sheep’s clothing out there, and so you must use wisdom. It’s not unlikely for someone to label themselves as Christians, and then preach ungodly values from their pulpits of profit. You shall know them by their fruits! Their music may promote things that are not of God, and by that I  mean contrary to what His word preaches, and not simply leaving out the gospel message in every verse of their lyrics… after all, we are body, soul and spirit, and so have different expressions of self, that are not exclusive to God. God desires us to worship with EVERYTHING we are! Jesus chastised the pharisees for studying the tiny things, like tithes, and neglecting the weightier matters, like love, faith and the like… please, PLEASE let us not do the same.

So folks, I end of this with the scripture that many an old folk use to brainwash the present generation, and hope that you now see it for what it really is:

Romans 12:2

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Hope you have a blessed day folks! Love you guys loads 😀


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