My sky, tangerine with the setting sun

Had shifted into the night

Etched with hues of dark blues

That chased away the light

It was hard to find the beauty in it,

But the moon still shined upon me.

Then soon the dawn was to come,

Cheerful jays of teals and grey

Serenading rays of golden hope

That hopefully would soon brighten my day.

The night was full of suffering,

But with the morning came some promise.

As fate would have it,

The azure beauty soon turned pale

Light was obscured by clouds mundane

That spewed their sorrowful hail.

It was not easy to cling to hope,

But grace was sufficient to press on.

The evening came soon enough

And with it a soothing mist,

I was blessed as I looked up to it,

Soaked in navy by heaven’s kiss

I never thought I’d make it this far

That I could be so free

It was your smile

The things that make you who you are

That came, glorious over the horizon,

That have me gazing in the stars

You might not have seen it just yet,

But look up, and see the palette of my heart.



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