I was lead to ponder upon the wonder of relationships recently. And so I thought to myself, “why do relationships (romantic relationships) fail?” The calculated inner man began rattling off a list of possible answers, such as an unfaithful partner, a lack of trust, circumstances that lead to a forced separation … which all seemed well and good, but I thought to myself, is that what really causes relationships to fail? Of course, I am speaking from an external perspective, having never truly had a relationship fail, or at least in the essence of the topic at hand.

In trying to keep a wholesome view of the matter, I also asked; “Why do relationships begin in the first place?” Once more, the inner man prattled of his versed tongues of wisdom, highlighting possible suggestions such as love, spending time with a person until feelings take over, ‘ulterior motives’, among others. Which led me to the final question I thought I should ask myself.

How do we make relationships last?

It’s clear that the Bible mentions absolutely nothing about boyfriends and girlfriends, but simply about husbands and wives. Does that mean that in today’s society, we should marry without a courting period? I think not. However, I firmly believe that this fact has some substance that is crucial to our perspective on our prospective mates.

As Christians, we should NOT be looking for girlfriends or boyfriends. And now proceed to read further and understand what I am saying, before you jump to conclusions. We, as Christians, should be looking for husbands and wives! The Bible says that he who finds a wife finds a good thing, (Proverbs 18:22) and how else can we find a wife unless we look for them? The same goes for the ladies out there in looking for a husband… How can he find that good thing if you don’t prepare yourself to be a good thing? Too many of us look for little flings and lovey-dovey attachments that really have no basis on our future lives, and so it’s not guaranteed that it will fail, but failure is a high possibility. So, please my friends, don’t fall into the trap of loneliness, for really all you need is Jesus Christ ^_^

Another issue, which I think perhaps is the main thing, is that of love. We all know the love chapter in 1 Corinthians, which makes mention that love never fails. Do we love our partners? The Bible has distinctly taught us what love is about, and demands that husbands love their wives as Christ loved the church. Nowadays, the word love has become so trivial that we can even use it to refer to our favorite songs. Our problem is that we don’t understand what love truly is, and so when we are called upon to express it, we fall short and lose out in the end.

What is love?

Open your bible… turn to any page in the scriptures. Any one will do. You should see it right there in it’s purest form. God is love, and in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Get to know love, and you won’t be mislead in any way whatsoever. If you truly learn of love, and then are able to have that for someone else in your life as God so commanded, it will NEVER fail.

And so to the one that I (will) love, I love you with everything I am. You are going to be such a blessing to me, that words alone, no matter how well pronounced, sequenced, accented or diminished, could ever do justice to the emotion that I will feel for you. And to Almighty God, thank God you can understand how much I love you, for I can’t begin to even think of how to say how much you mean to me.

And yes, I love you guys too ^_^ with the love of the Lord I do! have a blessed day folks!



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