Hello Again đŸ˜€

In case you haven’t noticed, this is PART TWO to the topic, and so if you haven’t done so I advise you to do so now…. I know you’re still reading this…. GO ON! Alright, now that that’s out of the way, as promised I felt like writing something as the present me, to the future her. Even now I admit, it’s a bit childish in itself, but still, it just sounds like fun and I’m in the mood for it. Aren’t you?

So I decided for this one, I shall write a short story instead of a poem, just to mix things up a bit. I hope you like your stories incognito, cause I have no prior planning to do this whatsoever. Let the juices flow!

The Encounter

  It was about midday when our eyes locked; warm tones of sunlight etching God’s grandeur across her beautiful face. A wire pulled taut across my chest; her eyes, though friendly and inviting, glared into my soul. A smile teased from my lips; innocent and awkward. Her’s was much more elegant, or perhaps that was my mind whispering lies; she must have been just as uncomfortable as I was.

The day rolled on, and like a mason to the wall,  something was being built between us, and it by no means shut us out from each other. In His divine skill, a window materialized in the space that existed; and we could see one another plainly. Even as that wall kept us separated, we felt closer than ever; that no matter what lied in that gap, be it temporal, distant or a fruit of disdainful circumstance.

That was when the wall shattered.

There she was, that smile that knocked me into yesterday; feeling as if even then it was apparent… looming over me like a shadow in the moonlight that now surrounded us and united our silhouettes in the presence of the coolness of night. There she was, always smiling. In that instant, the pangs of love burst forth like a dam battered upon by countless surges of passionate streams, just wanting a mode of escape, and its shimmers reflected what one would have thought would have been the light of the same moon that decorated the starry skies above; but it was indeed not so.

The light was coming from somewhere else.

In the beginning, there was only darkness, and it was truly the genesis of something new when He said “Let there be light.” Like a disco ball, little lights tickled her skin, allowing what was once concealed in the blanket of night to be brought forth; a love that was not mine, but for that of the precious Savior Jesus Christ. It was in this light that I found her most beautiful. It was as if nothing else existed; not even her, but just the enthralling light that sparkled in this river of emotions. How could God love me this much, to bless me with the vista set before my eyes?

Flash forward: The dawn of a new day. Or should I say, a flash back? Even as that new experience glistened in the morning dew, its as refreshing as ever, nostalgic even. I am ever reminded of the light in her, the light reflected by her, showing me the love of  risen God. If but for any other reason, for this, I call her…. blessed.


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