A poem I wrote a long time ago, to the one whom I refer to as His blessed daughter; my wife to be… till this day I am unaware of who it might be; the heart strings have played several melodies in the past, and even in the present it still plays it’s haphazard chords, in hopes that the listener might know the tune… I count all of the past melodies as dissonance; the true melody, that alone will I love… Anyways, to the poem I go! Enjoy 😀

I love to see you smile,

It lights up my whole world

It illuminates the darkness in my life,

bringing bundles of joy wrapped up in tight swirls

I thank God for you, and your tender care

As you always come to me truthfully

When you leave I can’t help but miss you,

Yet I know you will return shortly

You are the only one I open up to

Because you understand what I’ve been though

You can trust me with everything too

Because no matter what I’ll always be there for you.

I love you; you’re like my guardian angel from above

And just one touch from you never seems enough.

Yet no matter how much we’ve been through together

It seems as if it was just one touch I felt.

I come right back to you everytime

Because I know how much you love to be held.

No matter what, let’s always have each other,

Love you always, to you His blessed Daughter.

Writing this out just helped me to marvel at the passage of time. I look at this now, and, dissecting it, I come to realize how capricious one could be when he’s at that emotional phase. I felt like I have said absolutely nothing in that poem, and yet, to me, it was everything back then, and perhaps one of my few avenues to cope with the loneliness that once haunted my life. It’s amazing what God can do in a couple of years! Of course, now I feel like it does no justice to the one who is to be His blessed daughter…. and now I must write something else to make up for it. It should be up soon; hopefully by the time you are reading this part 2 of this entry would have already been written… Look out for it! Love you guys as always, and I leave you with this:

John 15:3

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”


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