The scent of  blooming poui flowers tickled my nose as I sauntered on over to my school. Oh Naparima, how u trouble me so, I sighed as I climbed the hill leading to my grounds of education. The sundry walls of hallowed halls greeted my grunts of last footfalls before I could finally rest my bag in our classroom. Although there was almost an hour before classes where to begin, almost half of my classmates had already arrived, tuned in to their electronic paraphernalia as was the custom of our generation.

But enough of them; for their actions have never really concerned me.. whether I wanted them to or not. In comes Andy; A medium built young man, hair always in a mess. Other than that, he always has things under control. Not to make him seem like any god or anything, but it was by his influence that I was able to meet my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Who would have thought that me talking to much could lead to the best experiences of my life?

Certainly, it never crossed my teacher’s mind.

It was that time again, where we would head on over for breakfast club; an event hosted by our school’s christian group, the Inter School Christian Fellowship, or I.S.C.F. for short. Perhaps it sounds a lot greater than it is, but it was definitely greater than what one would expect. At best, the attendance was five, and we were sponsored with free breakfast, courtesy the Government’s school feeding program. We weren’t privy to any special kind of favor, but just took our breakfast like everyone else and came over to the AV room. We’d usually eat breakfast and have a light chat before entering a time of prayer and worship before the school bell decided we’ve had enough. I tell you, those were some of the best days of my life.

Today was no different, except for one minor detail. I munched on my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but no matter how hard I tried there was a lump in my throat that persisted with spartan-like  determination. I closed my eyes and swallowed hard; visions of ‘her’ red dress burst on my retinas and my lids opened wide on instinct.

“Is something the matter?” asked Andy. “You seem rather on edge today.” I brushed off his comment, and some crumbs too,  but he knew me better than that.

“How would you know if God shows you the ‘right one’ in your life?” I asked him, thinking out loud more than really posing a legitimate question.

“God isn’t going to make such a thing available to you right now, my brother. You’re simply too young! both in your life and in your walk with Him. Focus on Him, and don’t let anything distract you from your walk with Him.”

Right, I thought to myself then. This must mean that she’s not meant for right now, but later, and so I shall focus on Him, and He will show me when the time is right.



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