Today I played drums (traps ^_^ ) for our Friday night service, and my mind really ran. I was quite shaky in my drumming; although it was largely due to the fact that my headphones were off and I couldn’t quite hear the keyboard to stay on beat, I couldn’t pretend that was the only factor. How long has it been since I really sat behind the kit and spent some quality time? Or when last have I tried to learn something new, and expand my (not so wide) horizons?

As I sat there and played, I could feel the rust sagging my actions, marring my confidence and possibly distracted those who knew better. I recalled my passion for it: my desire to just sit behind there and play like there’s no tomorrow and simply rock the house. The same could be said of my art; when last have I picked up my pencil?

The point is that I had been out of touch with my passion so much that I lost both the drive and the skill to do what was required of me. Of course I still love both these things, and desire to do them, but so shocked was I to find myself in a state where I really need to work on them. A wise person once said that what you love is what God could use through you to bless others, and so it’s important to recognize this, and to put it under His authority!

I am reminded of the parable of the talents. What do you do with what the master has given Imageto you while he’s away? Do you bury it under the loads of routines and bills and workloads that you have on a daily basis, like I did, or put it to use, work on it and watch it multiply for God’s kingdom?

All things work together for good to them that love God, right? So you should work too! Don’t compartmentalize your desires and passions as something separate from Jesus’s ministry, but partner it together to create new ideas, visions and spearhead the spreading of the Gospel throughout the nations. God made you who you are, and with a plan in mind! So embrace who you are, and use you and only you for His glory. You may not be the best, but you tried your best, and that’s what God looks at šŸ˜€

So get back in the game guys! Pick up that instrument, or dance shoes, or whatever it is that’s your passion and let’s get to spreading the good news like the salty butter it should be!


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