So I know I’m supposed to have something for today, because you all are that awesome 😉 (it’s okay, go ahead and look in the mirror, point at yourself and say, “THIS guy/girl right here, is awesome), therefore I am going to try to write a poem for you all to enjoy. Hope you all like it! By the way, I’m taking the inspiration from someone who has been quite awesome themselves as of late. 

It was once said

That just a spark ignites a flame,

That one instance in time 

Triggers a surge of feelings arcane. 

I found that this is quite untrue, 

That could not be said of you, 

For day by day electricity runs 

And my love has felt like an ocean.

Deep, unknown, dark and intimidating

Paint this picturesque portrait of what I see

The passion I feel is unlike some flame

But a never ending surge of streams

Fires die because for lack of air

But this ocean of mine seems not to care

No matter what has come it’s way

It just continues to follow its course.

It’s complex, cool and complete

although part of it is missing 

When you’re gone it evaporates, 

then falls as rain and stings. 

Yet it flows like a river once more

Until it reunites with the seashore

And in that moment of deep, dark bliss, 

I find that you and I are one. 

If you know me, you’ll find that I talk a lot in a metaphorical sense. I perceive that it’s me wanting to talk but not wiling to expose myself truly, for fear of being exposed, and well.. hurt. I’ll have you know that this is indeed the matters of my heart; one that’s been broken, mended and wrapped up in a tempest of torments, but still stands today, solely because of the grace of God. One day, I do hope to drop my charades, to stop hiding behind all the talents and facades of futility and just be nothing else but me, especially to those I love. And it’s on that note that I take my exeunt. Enjoy life you all! God bless; be nothing else but yourself, for that’s all that God wants, and all that he/she should want. Chao! 😀


( Credits to metaltamer of for the image)


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