So recently I reminisced about the past experiences I had, and they all seemed to lock themselves in to certain chapters, or eras, as I would call them. So I questioned myself; “what causes the era to shift?” Sadly enough, they were never truly Christ centered. They would normally be due to some negative occurrence, fleeting attraction or situation of finality that really caused me to have to simply accept truth and move on.

There was this central theme that I recognized, which, simply put, was FOCUS. I recalled sinful days, where my focus was simply pleasing self; romantic days, where the love for another superseded that of my love of God, and more recently, a point in my life where I finally started to focus on what was truly important. Still, I noticed that it took something to transition into this phase, and most of the times, this wasn’t something I wanted to give up.

I identified, strangely, with Pharaoh, ie. the Pharaoh of Moses’ time. He, upon the death of the previous Pharaoh who had shown favor to the Israelites, turned them over to a life of slavery, and they were held in bondage. No matter their persecution, they somehow flourished, which evidently was simply the hand of God over them. But God was not satisfied with the situation they were put in, and so called Moses to “let My people go”.

But how many of us are just like that Pharaoh?

He was comfortable; it goes without saying that he was likely the richest in the land. Servants, mediums, slaves… he had it all. But what he didn’t have, which proved to be his downfall, was the favor of God. His focus was on his riches and prosperity, and he could have cared less for what God wanted. So when Moses and Aaron came to request the freedom of their people, it was not surprising that he would have resisted.

They had to perform a series of miracles (or plagues) in order for him to finally let go of his slaves, and even so, it wasn’t willingly. He still chased after them when they were already out of his hands, and paid dearly for it, losing more than he bargained for. But that alone was not what stood out to me.

Aaron would stretch out the rod he was given on command in order to initiate the plague, and shortly after, the wizards of Egypt would then attempt to replicate this supernatural happening. At first, they succeeded; they were able to do things that Moses and Aaron had to depend on God for, and so it didn’t seem to be that much of a deal to Pharaoh. How many of us do this self same thing? How many of us rely on our own power to achieve progress, without even considering the God who gives us everything?

Here’s where it gets interesting. Our homeboys called up locusts out of the dust of the ground, and the magicians of Pharaoh could not equalize the score. The magicians said that it was the finger of God; Pharaoh of course was still stuck up in his old ways and refused to submit (after making sure they called back the locusts, because he couldn’t remove them on his own). And even so, God didn’t think that was enough.

For His next trick, God let Pharaoh know that He distinguished His people from that of Pharaoh’s. He made flies to swarm the place, but the people of Israel were completely unaffected. And don’t you know it; his magicians could not perform this spectacle. Pharaoh was losing, and losing fast.

We all know how the story goes; God wins, Pharaoh goes to the bleachers, having to lick his wounds. Moral of the story, we can’t win against God. our strength, endeavors and powers cannot win over His will, and so if you ask Him to take control, be ready for some things that are out of your control. In all of this, my question to you is…

What are YOU looking at?

In my ‘eras’, the focus in these situations wasn’t always God. I got caught up in my own powers, my own desires and my own abilities, which wasn’t much, unlike Pharaoh’s. The result was the same: God won, and I had to lick my bruises and crawl back to Him once more. The problem is big, but the solution is simple; remember Peter?

Peter called out to God and walked on water, but only while he focused on Him. His eyes were on Jesus, and through that connection, he began to enter a new era; that of realizing the power of God over His life. So look to Him! Enter the new era of righteousness and grace that God has in store for you! It doesn’t matter where you came from, but where you’re going people! No matter what past you have, no matter what eras you went through, God can still use you, and take you to new heights!

Enjoy life you all! Love you guys loads 😀


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