I was chatting with one of my friends recently, and she was telling me about a situation between she and a male friend of hers. She appears to be infatuated, and as we all know, with the feelings comes the longing. Personally, that point where said person is always on your mind is something I am not fond of. I hate the moments when my mind becomes a mental slave to their charms, and the thought of if such happenings are mutual is no comfort either.

Nevertheless, I could understand what she was going through. The place where we differed in opinion however, was when she said the words, “I need to talk to him”. What was it that she was actually saying? Essentially, she placed such importance in her relation with him that she felt as if it was a necessity to entertain his company.

That is a dangerous thing.

When we are not careful, we begin to let our emotions get the better of us. We become inconsistent, anxious, weary and easily distraught, which can take a toll on the rest of our lives. It never is easy, but we must remember to keep a level head on at all times, and to forget about them once in a while! Simply ignore the thoughts coming to your mind about them. It’s okay, and healthy,  to ponder the conditions of your mind, but not to dwell in them.

The simplicity of it all is to know where your priorities lie; if they are not even in a relationship with you, then they should be quite low down in that list. Enjoy the moments when you all are together, when you talk and all that, but please, PLEASE do not get so caught up in them that every moment without them is like the end of the world. Did they even make it in the first place?

Matthew 6:21 says that where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Make sure you value the right things; those things that propel you to your future, your dreams and where God wants you to be. He or she is NOT your future, but they may be a part of it. That much is left for the future to decide.

So the next time you catch yourself saying you NEED them, remind yourself that you don’t! It doesn’t mean you don’t WANT them though 😉 I hope you all find that person  you can live with happily ever after, and that you both live under the covering of God’s precious blood. Love you all! 😀



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