I wrote this one a good while back when things weren’t exactly swell with me. It’s akin to those moments when you just about feel like giving up; Hope you all enjoy! Love you all as always πŸ˜€


Maybe it’s time to just turn the page,

As another chapter in life is over

Now is the time to act and be brave

Not to be weighted with these burdens on my shoulders

Truly the time for waiting has approached its end

And now it is time to leave the gates

Get out of the comfort zone of my self pity

And walk on the path designated by His grace.

Maybe it’s time to just walk out the door

And leave the eeriness of myself behind

Stretch out in the morning sun

And step into a new frame of mind

This transition from darkness to light is blinding at best

But only now can my eyes be open to see

That sight is not what makes the best decisions

But in reality we must watch and believe

Maybe it’s time to leap into something new

Plunge into an abyss of destiny

Though it is intertwined with uncertain circumstance

What’s fear to try and stop me?

I may not be the best at what I do,

But it;s not about how fast I run

It’s about who and what I meet along the way,

In the journey of His Beloved son.

(That’s me! πŸ™‚ )


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