Before I begin, I just want to apologize for not blogging these past two days. I’ve been trying to do at least something everyday, but I was stopped by a simple math equation:

Hectic Schedule + Sickness = No Blog :/

So without further ado, lets get right into it, shall we? Hopefully I won’t die after this; I believe she tried to get me to stop after just the first one… but I press!

 In that space where we were fated to meet, there was an overflow of information to absorb. I was in a new place with new people; some familiar faces but not one of them that I could safely call my friend. Nature surrounded us, distancing myself even from the city voices that I was accustomed to. You could say that in that space, at that specific point in time, I was truly alone.

Time rolled on, and before I knew it, it was morning, and scheduled for us was our devotions. I picked my place close to the back, preferring to be out of the potential spotlight as I always do. For some reason I  expected to be sitting alone, seeing as how I wasn’t familiar with anyone just yet. It turns out I was wrong, for she decided that I would be the perfect person to sit next to. How she came to that conclusion I don’t know, or whether or not she even thought about it, but that was simply what happened. And so she became my ‘Seat Buddy’ from then on.

Due to the nature of the sessions we had (or perhaps me just being me) we didn’t speak much, but I did notice certain things. She wore a lot of bracelets and often dressed colorfully, and so in my mind, she was always bright and welcoming. She had a nice laugh, and a broad smile; beautiful accents to any beautiful face. When she got bored, she would start scribbling in her paper with little stars and hearts and other random  things. It all came together to form this painting of this happy girl who has been blessed by God to have such a joy springing forth from within her that it invades the lives of those around her. I knew that for sure, her joy was invading me, and I began to look forward to her company during our sessions. This mysterious girl and I had formed some connection; a device of my own imagination I know, but it was still there to me, and I entertained myself with that thought.

Outside of our training sessions, our paths barely crossed, if ever at all. There was the occasional card game,  group conversation or meet up in heading to our respective destinations. I noted her voice in one of our worship sessions, that it sounded nice but I wasn’t really focused on it to say more. Also, there was her clef pendant, so I concluded she likes music, or plays some musical instrument.

It was not till the very last day of our retreat from my world that I realized that I barely new anything of hers. I couldn’t even say that I knew her middle name… where she came from, what she likes, what she dislikes… the fact that my seat buddy and I were nothing more than that haunted me. I had absolutely nothing to take away with me to remember my experience with her, and since we both came from different Universities, it was likely that I would never see her again. Snaking through the bustling activity of everyone getting on the bus departing for our school, I resolved that I should at least say goodbye, especially if I’d never see my seat buddy again. The conversation was short. I hailed her out. She asked if I was leaving. I said yes; she said bye, returning to whatever activity had occupied her on her cell. I turned around, not hurt or disappointed in any way, but appreciative of one simple fact.

There was nothing between us.

Sometimes, we tend to make whims and fancies about people, and let their “first impressions” dominate our thoughts about who they are, and what they mean to us. Perhaps in the way it was stated, she may sound a bit heartless at the end, but she really wasn’t, and I thought it important to state that but getting back to the topic, as you journey with me through this experience, you’ll see for yourself how much of what I saw was true and what was not. Especially if you’re looking to someone to begin starting a relationship, trusting upon their “first impressions” is something you should NEVER do. You need to really get to know someone before you enter a relationship, and trust me; if you mean anything to them like they do you, they’ll wait till the time comes 🙂

So I hope I blessed someone by sharing my experience, and as always, that I live to write you all another one after she sees this :p Stay blessed, stay strong, and stay you! Love you all 🙂



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