Normally, something like this would be done as a Real Talk entry, but I felt lead to do it like this… Sometimes we have worked so hard on things, be it relationships, projects or just about any situation that requires effort, that when things don’t work out and it’s time to move on, we find that for some reason, we can’t. The reality of hurt is too overwhelming; the pressure of having to start over, or simply walk away is too much to bear…. 

How do we let go? Should we? 

The irony of it all is, we can’t really just let go of something. We can’t simply will the strings that connect us to it to dissolve into thin air; time and patience have to have their perfect work for them to be undone. But, in the midst of it all, there are some things that we can do. 

We can trust God. He sent His Holy Spirit to be a comforter to us, so that we, in our struggle and pain, can rely on Him completely and be assured that we will be restored and that our latter can be made greater than our former. 

We can focus on the future; by acknowledging what has gone before, learning from it, and letting the scars shape into beautiful lines of victory. In other words, holding on to the good of what once was, and understanding the bad so that in future, these scars don’t reopen. 

Last, but not least, look around you! And no, I’m not saying to look at the ashes and rubble of what once was… but look at your surroundings! See the horizon beyond the wall of emotions you built? See the sun rising and lighting up the darkness? What about the fresh air that you inhale as you realize how stifling the atmosphere was while you were in tears? God places people, things and even His Word right there before you to help you through your hard times… So stop focusing on what’s gone by; He already has a plan for life after the death of your situation! Be keen to look out for it…

I hope I blessed someone out there, and that they could learn to let go; or rather, learn to let letting go happen.. 😀 I love you all!!!


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