Sharing what I read from that person before reminded me of a poem I had written myself awhile ago, about someone I knew who was going through a rough patch… While I was at it, I thought I should share it too! Hope it blesses someone out there!

There she stands as time stood still

Her life pouring out before her as it all went downhill

Deserted and left out in the cold

As the voices of her friends grew faint and old…

She wept in silence, thinking no one would hear her

Trying her best to cope and get it all back together

But even as she drenched it all with her tears

There was nothing that could quench her fears…


But she was wrong.

She didn’t know that all along

There was a hand guiding her, keeping her strong

A voice whispering a silent song

Praying that her nights be peaceful and her days be long

Little did she know

That she was the star of the show

That her God’s been watching

As her face paled like snow

She couldn’t see just how blessed she would be

When she entered the grandeur of that step in her journey

She didn’t know that at the end of this road

That seemed so lonely and forgotten

Was a place that she could rest:

Home; as her eyes were locked in

They were swollen dried up and red

Like those of the Savior as he hung and bled

She thought there was no one akin to her sorrow

but in His hands was her tomorrow.

That even though she couldn’t fathom it now,

There will be joy where it was once hollow.


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