Brooding in my room

These thoughts flow freely

Of love and destiny,

Such words are whispered to me

This must be His will;

For she and I to unite

My life surrounds this central theme,

It’s what my thoughts imply

Circumstance joins in the charade

Forwarding chaotic messages within this mental plot

Coincidence is not far behind,

Thinning the line from what is and what’s not

Intertwined within is the purpose of the Master

Coiling round the surface of my mind;

The tension burning in my brain,

That the only obstacle left now is time…

Surely, the stage has been set. As I rolled in the covers, every second of this ride with Christina rolled through my mind. The day I met Nikki, one of her close friends, the time God told me to remember Claus, her brother in prayer… It was as if He was preparing me for life with her, and that as time passed by, everything was falling into place.

But what of the rest of the jigsaw?



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