Over the course of last week, I was absolutely LOADED with work. My job demanded much more work than usual, classes after work went on, and there was a concert to prepare for last Friday. At the week’s start, I was beginning to feel sick, and after pushing so hard my immune system went null and I had fallen incredibly ill on Thursday, just one day before the concert. Thank God I felt better on the next day, and was able to perform all my duties, the concert being a huge success.

I wondered how I could have let it get so far to that point in the first place, as I looked back upon my week. How many times do we push and push until there’s nothing left, and then we find ourselves in a state of recovery when our energy is necessary? I had a part to play in a large portion of the concert… what would have happened to it if I couldn’t perform?

I mean this in no way to puff up myself, but rather to humble myself, and I hope to humble someone out there as well. Many times, we give of ourselves (whether selflessly or otherwise) and we keep going and going until our batteries run dry. While this may very well be noble, we have to understand that we are human beings, and however desirous it may be, we cannot have superpowers. Our bodies need rest; and not just sleep! We need time to get away from it all; to reflect on the times gone by or simply to get out there and enjoy life!

Even Almighty God found it fitting to rest on the seventh day.. so who are we to not take some time off? My advice to you: Feeling stressed? Tired? ready to fall down but still trying to press on? TAKE IT EASY! Take a breather to catch your breath, and proceed. What’s the point of all this effort if there’s no way to enjoy it? God promised us a reward for His work; so feel free to reward yourself for yours. 

Enjoy your breather! You all are awesome; you deserve it 😀


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