So if you missed me yesterday, it’s because I took my own advice and took it easy 🙂 

So tonight I came home from having been able to jam on the drums in what has felt like years, although it was only 5 days. And I’ve been thinking lately. There’s about 1,008 different ways that drumming can be analogous to relationships. (I checked 😉 ) However, for tonight, I’d just like to focus on one or two that piqued my interest.

As a drummer, your role within the context of the band is to support the piece, giving it substance and keeping the timing of the song. One does not possess the ability to “make” music on the traps, in that a melody is not created from the drums. One has to work with what’s there. You can learn all the rudiments, have the fastest hands and invent the coolest stick patterns and tricks, but all you can become with such ability is a drummer. To be a musician, You must tastefully support the piece that you’re playing with your band and stay within the limits set out within the arrangement. 

As it is in drumming, so many people within relationships strive to be drummers and not musicians. They try to learn all the skills; learn the sweet talk, purchase the best gifts and talk to their partners every second of every day, but they never aspire to become musicians in their relationship. They don’t listen to the melody of their partner, and then apply the “rudiments” of love to tastefully accompany their song. They don’t take the time to listen; but simply begin soloing their hearts out in the hopes that their partners will be wooed over by their flashy tricks. Sadly enough, some do, and eventually they reach their full potential as a couple and fall apart, because when the melody gets stuck in their heads, it is only then that they notice that they never liked the tune to begin with. 

It’s not easy; learning to discipline yourself to keep to what’s being played is something I only recently began to practice in my actual drumming. Just like drumming, there will be times where your “flashy moves” will be called upon, especially when switching between different phrases in the song. It is in these moments that you showcase what you got; play to your heart’s content! You must remember to come back into the beat of the song however; otherwise, once again, you’ll be drumming and not playing music. You must remember that there is a time and place for everything; and that these moments do have an end. 

In my own attempts to begin drumming to her beat, I recognize many of these vital steps in trying to harmonize perfectly with her songs. I am taking the time to learn her melodies, get a feel for her tempo, understand her rhythm and so be able to know what I must play to sound tasteful. Of course, this works both ways, and so she must get to know my melody as well, as relationships are never unidirectional.

Remember, like music, relationships are largely based on communication, time and lots of practice. No one gets it right away; and there are always improvements to be made. Make sure that everyday your song becomes sweeter and sweeter, that you never stop working on your relationship. Learn your rudiments! Learn her song. Before you know it, you’ll be a musician in no time! 😀

I hope I blessed someone out there, and that you’ll start to tune in to God’s melody as well; it’s a lovely sound, and extremely easy to play along to. It’s as simple as saying yes to Jesus, and letting Him show you the way! I love you all, and wish the best for you in your music careers 😉 Toodles!


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