After having left the retreat, I decided to have a little conversation with her within the social media. I was going to link up with all the new friends I made in any case, so it’s quite natural that I’d also talk to her… right?

As was my usual custom, my ‘interrogation’ phase began, where I’d shoot a host of questions, namely the ones that I either was too afraid to ask, or just chose not to. I am still not sure which is the truth, though if I had to go with one, it would be the latter. I found out much about her in that short time, and I must say, she was a pretty interesting individual. We had some things in common, and others, well we were complete opposites. I put the brakes on my questions for a brief hiatus, and was planning on resuming it soon.

And that was when the blitzkreig began, and it was by no means of my own doing.

Just as I was about to unleash another spate of questions, she stopped me dead in my tracks. She started by stating that she personally dislikes being asked questions, especially so many at once. I was thrown out of my element immediately. What was I to do? And, like the joker of a brain I have, the first thought that came to my mind was to ask her why. (Seriously?) I also found out (in attempts to not ask questions yet still gather information) that she lives nearby and that she attends a music class in my area. I always wanted to start one, and since it was nearby, I decided to join. It took real faith to start that, but that’s a story for another day.

On our first meeting for class, she explained, to the best of her ability, why she disliked the whole question thing. She said something along the lines of people poking around into her life and eventually asking the wrong question; the rest she was a collection of words she loosely threw around to try to get me to understand, but made not much sense at all… I merely concluded that she had a past she wasn’t proud of, or simply just liked to keep things to herself.

What startled me in the next couple of meetings was her openness; whenever I was around her, it felt like she exuded her entire self, without holding anything back. It was ironic that she would be so abrasive when it came to “intrusive” questions, for it felt like although these pursuits in finding out her all failed, that the person she presented to me was nothing but her true self.

The main thing that I could not get over, was how much I saw myself in her. A writer, musician, singer; who lived a life ‘in the dark’ yet is able to portray such a glimmer of light to those around her. She even loves drums! (shout out to all the female drummers out there 😀 )

If she’s anything like me, then for sure, what I have seen thus far is like the tip of the glacier that peeks it’s pale nose above the waters to catch a breath; It’s entire body is underwater and spans for miles on end.

It’s a good thing that this is a metaphor, because scuba gear is expensive, and I certainly don’t wan’t to spend time in the Arctic. This is going to take awhile!

In life, you will find people who bring these “shock and awe” moments to your life. Keep them close! They make life exciting, and you know what, you could never tell what the future may hold. A friendship, a crazy story to tell your grand kids, who knows? God knows 😀

Stay blessed! Love you all!



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