Recently, the leader of the youth ministry and I were talking about the current failures of his ministry. Mainly, in our church, the main thing we fall short on is contact hours with our youth; while we do have a lot of fun events planned over the course of the year, we know that there isn’t much  time available to really “work” on them. So we were brainstorming, and we decided that we should use the youth to reach the youth; having the youths to be the change. 

Verbally, it sounded great, and I was stoked to begin the conquest of amassing a company of youth elite to begin our journey in transforming the lives of our church’s youth, and the entire church as a whole. However, in trying to do so, I ran into several obstacles; ironically, one of them was the youth leader himself. 

Many times, things seem good on paper, but when it comes to beginning to actually execute, “things” get in the way. Organisational structures, opinions and many other dissensions tend to dilute the passion with which inspires change and the passion that God wants us to have and breathe. Consider the apostles of old; God spoke, and they went. How much of us could honestly say that we operate in this manner?

While I am confident that the initiative I mentioned in my example will come to pass (eventually), it is sad to see in so many cases where brilliant ideas are shut down because of skepticism or deviation from what’s considered “safe”.

My encouragement to you all is as much as possible, be the change! We may be limited in certain aspects in terms of what we can do for the kingdom of God, but as a wise person once said, work within the extremities of the box you’ve been placed in, trusting that God will expand your territory in His perfect timing!

Go forth young soldiers! Don’t let circumstance control you! Control your circumstance 🙂 


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