The other day I was walking to work when one of my coworkers drove by. They slowed, honked several times, and after failing to get my attention, drove off and left me sauntering up the cool city streets. When she told me about it, she said her son-in-law looked at me and said, “You sure this guy works with you? He doesn’t look to right in the head to me…”

What happened was that I was talking to myself, and if you know me, I’m quite the joker, and it’s quite natural for me to laugh at some of the things I come up with. Some may say that it’s quite crazy of someone to talk to themselves, but to me, it’s crazy not too!

Think about it for a second. Who do you spend every waking moment with? Who’s there with you through thick and thin, and never leaves your side? Who knows all your secrets, your likes and dislikes, hobbies and favorite spots to hang out?


It’s important that you not necessarily talk to yourself as I do, but communicate with yourself. Get to know you; become one of your best friends. You’re stuck with you no matter what anyway,  so why not spend the time getting to know you? Learn to live with yourself; learn to love yourself! And if you find that you aren’t a good friend to yourself, then you can change in order to accommodate yourself. It seems so easy, right?

Just like any relationship, you need to communicate with yourself to keep it healthy and strong. You may have your own ways, as I do mine, but isn’t that what having a best friend is all about? Having your own language to communicate with yourself just deepens the connection with the real you. So have fun you all!

I love me, but don’t worry, I love you all too! 😀 Enjoy life my friends!


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