As days merged to weeks, bits and pieces of this mysterious girl became known to me. Each tidbit of information was as a raindrop in the desert; for whatever reason she didn’t like sharing much with me. I often wondered why this was so; perhaps it was her simply messing with me, or something more… maybe it was simply my approach to obtaining the information, but the fact of the matter was that I had to work for it. 

What always fascinated me though, was that despite whatever I esteemed her to be in my mind,  when I was around her, she’d be nothing else but her. No matter what was going on in her life, no matter how good, bad or ugly (not that I knew much of what was going on anyway) she simply exuded nothing but her person; her personality shone through her situation. She is a very nice person. She’s kind, caring and very considerate. She is no pushover, however. She’s not afraid to state how she feels, and if there is a situation that is making her feel uncomfortable or displeased, you will know about it. I applaud her honest and pure nature; it makes her a very trustworthy person. 

Despite what I’d call her ‘bubbly’ nature, I could not help but to believe that there’s a big piece of the puzzle that’s missing. There is something that has been weighting her soul, and I just know it. There’s always this air that there’s perhaps this one thing that’s left unsaid; the key to all the confusion that embodies her portrait in my fascinated mind. Perhaps, it is the legend by which to decipher the map of her person; the backdrop to which all her tendencies can be put into context: her (what is esteemed as) insecurities, her desire to press on alone… the ominous cloud that looms over her head. I truly believe that once this is found, that only then  would I truly be able to say that I can understand where she’s coming from. 

The night that this hypothesis affixed itself to my mind was indeed a very exciting one. It was a Wednesday night, and we had music class. Normally, she would go to church on such a day, but because of the fact that we did not have class in a while, she opted to go to class instead. For by what some may call fate, she forgot to bring her keys with her and was locked outside the house. She was headed to a nearby restaurant to use the bathroom, and so I decided (after having to insist that I cannot leave her by herself) to accompany her. We purchased a light meal and sat, having a very nice time, accented by certain memories that, for my safety’s sake, cannot mention. Later, she made mention of what she called a date, referring to the night’s occurrence. Her independence, passions and playful nature stood out at that point in time, but as usual, it felt like there was this one thing that was missing.

What I can tell you for sure, is that she has a beautiful heart. She certainly is a blessed individual who can do so much in this world, once she puts her mind to it. There is not one person on this Earth that I am aware of who I can compare her to; she is unique, and wonderfully so. As mentioned before, the only person with whom I have been able to identify her with is myself; unique, talented and at times overwhelmed. This “key” is certainly something I must find, and I do whatever it is in my power to find it. 



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