Today in church we watched a movie entitled What If, and I couldn’t help but ask myself.

What if?


We all have those defining moments in our life of extreme calamity or a realization of greatness and success. We usually pick up the pieces, combing our situation through and through to find some way of moving on, or simply bask in our triumph. In all of this, I’m sure we’ve asked ourselves later on, what if things were different? What if we chose something else?

I specifically remember a few years aback when I was preparing for a major exam. During those days, I had just about abandoned all passion and purpose for my life, simply going through the motions; seeking to please none but myself. I always stop and wonder, what if I was left to my own devices? What would have become of me?

I could still remember those days as if it were yesterday. A few months prior, we had left our usual place of worship, a church that was becoming hard to get to, because we believed it wasn’t God’s plan for us. The very day after my final exam, I had to roll up my sleeves and get to work: we where moving.

And to top it all off, because of the fact that we were moving, the next semester began in a new school. To me, life consisted of three elements: home, school and church. So, it isn’t wrong at all to say that my life was changed completely in a matter of six months or so. And it wasn’t easy either.

I was acclimatized to city life; cars on the road, buildings everywhere and just about everything I would need nearby. We moved to the countryside; and as if that wasn’t enough, I was forced to help out in the garden (which was about four acres of land) with a father who has no appreciation for machinery and the like. Ripped up gloves, a cutlass, shovel and sheers were our friends. A bucket and cup to water crops, having to walk back and forth from water tanks halved in order for us to dip our buckets in.

It was never easy. I hated it.

But I needed the change. God needed to quieten the voice inside my head that was screaming all these lies about who I was, so that He could speak and tell me who I am meant to be.

The question of what if is a pertinent one; it helps us to value what is, and enables us to make changes to adapt to our situation for the better. There may be regrets, but the important thing is to remember that you cannot change the past, nor can you determine the future, but you can dictate your today. Be the change you want to see! Become the person God has meant you to be 😀

Love you all, and I hope someone was encouraged by these words. Toodles!


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