A little something I wrote during the week just past. Thought I’d share it with you guys… You all are the best 😀 


We see fire

A flame that cannot be tamed

A yearning in the spirit

For more of Him

We see fire

A passion for what’s in store

A thirst for the innermost filling of His Holy spirit

That with it

The world will be reached.

We see fire!

For the Glory of the Lord has come

And His light has risen upon us!

Stand firm and confess!

Be bold and open your mouth

For we see fire.

We see fire

A spark kindling our dry hearts

Igniting; plumes of raging power

Never to be quenched again.

We see fire

That from this day forward shall never die

Like streams of living water

That never run dry.

We see fire

We see it here

We see fire, and so we draw near

Let it burn

Don’t disturb

Let it burn till nothing’s left

Jump into the consuming atmosphere

Let it leave you behind

And bring forth you;

The you that resides inside

That’s locked up behind lock and key

We see fire; we see all things becoming new.



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