Recently I had ordered a new laptop, and today it finally came in ^_^ 


Considering that I was operating on a computer that still ran Windows XP, you could Imagine the jubilation that ran through me. There were so many new features, new capabilities and opportunities that I had missed out on because of the advancements in technology that my poor little dinosaur simply couldn’t keep up with.

Yet, at the same time, this new experience was so awkward, and moving out of what used to be familiar and simple could get rather intimidating. But of course, as I stuck with it, it got easier, and before I knew it the experience was incredible. How could I go back?

This brings me to one of life’s many controversies; technology or tradition? On one hand, technology is innovative, evolutionary and convenient, whereas tradition is familiar, safe and simple. Some may argue that technology is also simple, but when faced with what you’re accustomed to (tradition) and the newer model, which one seems easier to use to you?

This simple demonstration can be stretched light years wide in terms of how many topics it may cover. Should we welcome change and evolution, or should we remain adamant on what already is well established? How about being able to form a compromise between the two?

Just something for you all to think about.. Enjoy your day everyone!  


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