Thought I’d share this with you all… Hope it blesses someone!

There she sits,

Quiet and calm, staring through the eyes of her hurricane

the breeze brushes her face,

teasing her eyes as the tears came.

with her hand she brushed them off,

little glistens of sorrowful dew discarded just like that

and she returned to her withdrawn state.

hands folded on her lap.

faces pass by, examining the expressions of her heart’s mirror

clueless, they simply walk by

little do they know of the storm that brews inside

for silence is her loudest cry.

Why do you sorrow dear?

Your silence deafens my ears.

Your distance screams at me;

There’s nothing else I hear.

Your gaze longs for rest,

A reprieve from what burdens you

You look upon me in silence

and there’s nothing I can do.

But I know of one who hears the voice inside your soul

He sees the tears that eek out your spirit

In your quiet time where the winds rage

He sees, and knows of it.

All who are heaven laden, draw nigh

For Jesus Christ can give you rest.

I may not hear what your heart is roaring,

Although I try my best.

I turn you over now

To find your solace in Him

For Your silence to be broken by a still, small voice,

And His love to come pouring in.



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