So today I had the privilege of attending my brother’s wedding. Hopefully I may be able to get some pictures to show you all, but due to a request made by the bride and groom, I won’t be able to show you the lovely couple. I can show you a picture of myself though, which should be more than enough 😀


(That’s my niece, btw.., Isn’t she adorable?) 

Of course, one of the many questions that the relatives tend to come up with were shot my way. “What are you doing now?” “How is (insert relative’s name here) going?” And last the most common one that happens to be spat out of their mouths these days, “When is your turn?”

At first, it’s cute and funny. After just about the fifth person asks you, it becomes incredibly irritable. Don’t forget the love songs that they play at these events, that make you somehow feel that you need someone in your life, especially when you’ve been as single as the day you were born for all your days. I find it joyous and absolutely wonderful that someone could find that one special person in their life that they could say that they want to spend the rest of their life with, but on occasions like these, this self same question that irritates my soul springs its ugly head into my mind, as inevitably as the jeers from my relatives are to sting my ears.

When is my turn? 

Now mind you, I am in no way lonely, lacking self confidence or feeling that I need anyone else but Jesus Christ to complete me. I am fine just the way I am 😀 Nevertheless, I do desire someone with whom I could share life with; to build upon my weaknesses and synergize my strengths. To love, to hold and to support me as I journey within my own expeditions of life on this side of eternity. But who could fill these shoes? Who wants to fill these shoes, and if so, do I want them to fill these shoes? 

Perhaps there is someone in my life already, perhaps there isn’t. At the end of the day, no matter how much I want them to be that person for me, it all depends on her. And what she says, goes. Again, it’s not that I am in desperate need (or want) of a relationship, but I do look forward to spending life with that person who I can call the one for me. I know for sure that I’d treat her right, and put her second in everything I do. 

God comes first. 

I hope one day that you too could find that special someone, and that you both would be joined together under God for great exploits; both for His Kingdom and your future. Have a blessed day! 


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