Hey guys! I think I haven’t done one of these in a while, and so I thought I should take the opportunity to delve into one of my many fascinations once more…

Slowly but surely, I believe that she has been opening up to me; it’s just up to me to be aware of it. I remember fondly that time where I decided I’d take her out to a drum clinic… She doesn’t really play drums (yet 😉 ) but I knew she’d definitely love it, and on top of that, I was able to get someone in free on my ticket, and so I thought why not? I find it interesting that because of this experience, she was able to get someone to give her lessons in bass guitar, which I’d say is her passion when it comes to musical instruments.

Through all the annoyances and pestering that I bestow upon her, and her openly rebellious nature toward me because of it, there are always sweet moments that we share, that far outweigh all the foolishness that we tend to put on the table… of course, these moments are treasured as well; harassing her is so much fun 😀

There was one moment however, that I would love to highlight in our recent past. That night was perhaps one of the best days of my life, and of great significance to me. To know that she was there to support me on top of it, well… that means oh so much… it made the night even more swell than I could have possibly imagined!

Well, I’d best describe what happened, shouldn’t I?

That night was a big night, not only for me, but for my band as well. We’re a humble lot; still in need of more members but we make due with what we have because of our passion and desire for both God (Jesus Christ) and music. We would normally do song covers on some of the music that we listened to; it wasn’t always well received, by the elders of the church especially because of the style of music, but we still pressed on because we knew what we were about, and the vision that we were moving with.

On this night, we were doing what I never dreamed of.. we were doing our first original song. What impacted me even more, was that it was something that I wrote years aback that we where about to perform, and never in my wildest dreams had I thought when I wrote that song that we’d actually perform it before God’s people. I didn’t even know any of my band members back then!

Truly it was a new season in the band, and when she said she’d be there, I was ecstatic. She was going to be a part of this big event. So we performed the song, and it was amazing… the congregation, though small in number, lapped up the performance, and she loved it. What appalled me wasn’t that so much really, but what was to happen soon after.

The praise and worship team was short a few members, and though I had no intention of helping out before arriving, I just couldn’t sit back and let them be short of voices, and so I helped out. The service was just about to end and we entered an amazing time of worship.. it was powerful! That was an awesome time in His presence… and during that awesome time, my eyes happened to glance in her direction, and boy was I blessed.

She was hunched over, crying her heart out before her God and her King. Locked in like a prisoner on death row, it was clear the love she had for our Lord Jesus Christ, and that, in my humble opinion, is the epiphany of beauty. That moment when she was so profusely involved in the worship –  with her heart, and not her lips – is the most beautiful sight I could ever imagine of her… the naked passion creasing her brows as her voice poured out of her soul.. it’s an image that would be forever etched in my mind.

It’s in these moments that I thank God for her… the times where my influence could have perhaps been used toward her reaching closer to Him, when she could be blessed, and through it, I feel so blessed myself. I really don’t know how it happened, but I know that God placed her to cross my path, and really just season my life with such excitement that I never could have imagined. She once said that she feels that in some way, God was able to use me to answer her prayers, and I must say, that the same is true for me… If only she could know that somehow…



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