A sorrowful symphony burdens her heart;

Locked in disdainful refrain

Not a break in sight to free her spirit

From the melancholy of her pain…

All breath ceased. 


In hushed tones her charade continues

As the tension in her chest builds

Not one tear is let out

As the pools in her eyes fill. 

Her eyes close. 


Hear heart beats irregularly

Thumping for the rhythm to be repaired. 

The syncopation of the joy inside her 

Has slowed too much within life’s crosshair.

Steady heart, please.


Open your eyes dear, 

Take a deep, slow breath. 

Look at what is before you, 

And see beyond your death. 

Who is waiting for you, 

What is standing right there?

Within this foggy glass, 

See now that I care. 

We may see dimly, 

And not eye to eye

But I refuse to stand here

And see the strife inside your eyes. 

No matter how much you hide

And shoulder the pain on your own

Understand how God made you, 

You were never meant to be alone!

He formed you, 

shaped you in His image and likeness

To show forth His love to the world

With measures of faith backed by kindness.

Let go my dear, 

Cast away the pains that you go through

Know that love has a face; 

He has always been watching over you.





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