Soo I’m writing this for someone who by now should know who she is.. afrter all, i’ve been writing about ‘her’ for a long time now, and I really hope it blesses her heart and makes her feel special, because she is 😀 so without further ado, here goes nothing!

If I could have taken just one moment

to describe all you are

to let it loose in one breath

What’s kept inside my heart’s jar

That moment would last forever;

From that faithful day

Our existence was miraculously tethered

And oh what joy along this way!

There where many things that jutted out

like sharp blades piercing my brain

The wonder that was contained in you

Filled the holes that remained.

No words could truly do justice

To what happened and what i feel,

But there’s one thing you should know,

that what I feel is real…

 I thought that I should stop the charade and just speak my mind. Sometimes I get caught up in the syntax and lose what I really want to convey, so I’ll just say it. I have feelings for ‘her’. I have for quite some time now, and it would be absolutely horrid of me to ignore them, or to bottle them inside because I can safely say that I have never felt this way before about anyone in my lifetime. I’m not sure; I’ve never come into contact with someone like her, and I mean that in every good way possible… every flavor that she brought has been so wonderfully blended together: her smile backed by such raw emotion that it pulverises you with so much joy that you can’t help but return a smile her way, her essence of independence that makes her strong willed and dependable, the tang of her lightning quick retorts that are oh so enjoyable, the outpouring of talent that God has blessed her with; it appeals to everything I am and still amazes me to this day.

It’s as if God decided that each and every detail that I could possibly dream of He decided to place inside of her. There’s simply nothing that could be added to her that could make her any more perfect than she already is… I really cannot fathom why anyone would want to cause her pain, or if they did somehow, not want to rectify it as soon as they have the chance, for as I once told her, she’s too precious to stay hurt.

It troubles me deeply that, after having a glimpse of what lies in her soul, that such heartache burdens her. You all can rest assured knowing that I want to do any and everything in my power to help her heal, for her to grow to be the woman that she’s meant to be… and if she’s already this bedazzling, I can’t even imagine how awestruck I would be when her true person is revealed. God placed her in my life; I know this much. Just knowing that someone like her exists is enough to bless my heart and encourage me to soar to new heights and become a better person myself.  I’m not sure where God wants to take me along this journey they call life, but if it’s with her, it would be more than everything I could ever wish for….


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