Friday I was honestly flabbergasted at what the Lord had done in my life…. it led me once again to say one of my most favourite phrases, “God has one amazing sense of humour!” It was absolutely astonishing to see His arm at work, guiding me along each step of the way until I recognized that it was not by my might, nor my power, but by His spirit that I live and move and have my being… but enough of that; how about I just go ahead and tell you what happened? I know you all are anxious to hear about it 😉

So tonight was Soul Word Movement‘s launch, which is a spoken word ministry based right here in good old Trinidad, and a very special friend of mine is the pioneer behind it. And obviously, I have no choice but to go. I simply could not let myself stay home. I thought that I should ‘prepare’ myself, (you know, the usual shopping and all that good stuff) for this event, and so made arrangements to take the day off on Wednesday in order to do my preparations, as well as some other things for school.

It just so happened, that the same instant I am ready to go buy my new clothes, that the showers begin to fall. This is not your average sprinkle and wet the greens kind of showers. It was raining cats, dogs (with their fleas), alligators, anacondas and just about every other blessed creature that belongs to the animal kingdom. God was good to me however, for in the midst of my getting ready to travel out the road, I saw a friend who was able to drop me home. Just as I arrived at my place of abode, in poetic irony, the rains cease. Funny, isn’t it?


I left home soon after (with much effort) and went over into the town area, ready to do my shopping. After all my endeavours, I found not one piece of clothing suited to my tastes, and so I walked away, defeated but not dismayed. I resolved I will go somewhere else after work the next day.

As fate would have it, the rains were so “attached” to me, that they decided to have another visit, just as work ended. I was fortunate, however, for although the sky was etched upon with God’s pencils, nothing came out save for the few tear drops that they could no longer hold back.

Things had started looking up; a positive note and all, for it was my last day of work before I begin school next semester. Then, today happened. Just around after lunchtime, my friend texts me and tells me of the wonders that were awaiting my auspicious journey to the site of the ministry launch; You guessed it!


When God said that the latter shall be greater than the former, I had no IDEA that He could ever mean it like this… Both where I live and the area to which I was to go had flooded out during the day, and so transport was limited, hard and challenging… not to mention the threat of being stopped dead in my tracks at potentially any point in my journey, to be either stranded or forced to retreat to my catacombs of disappointment. As if this wasn’t enough to stir up my anxiety, God came over to my workplace to have fun with His pencils there too….

Okay God, I’m laughing…. Can you stop now? Please?

I left work early in order to get home in time to change to head out to the event. Of course, this was but my plan. I left at around 3pm, planning to reach for around 6. I left in a car at just about 4:20; the floods caused transport to be at a virtual standstill. 5pm meets me in the area where I live, but at this time, I could not afford to squander my precious moments to go home and change… so it was straight there for me.

If only that were true!

There came a mishap whereby the transport I happened to take was bound for the correct destination, but via the wrong route. Had I stayed on that route, I’d end up where I wanted to go long after I needed to be there. And I needed to get there now. With no alternative, I found myself atop a flyover hoping and praying for a ride to the south lands, from where I can once again hire my last piece of transport to head on to my friend’s event. Someone came shortly, but I neglected to climb aboard, since the car was not going quite where I wanted to go.  I soon regretted that, however. Minutes lolled on by, leaving me stranded in my haste with no way out. I was beginning to panic, and so I thought I’d call one of my friends to hitch a ride anywhere else but here.

No one was at the other end to receive my call. On top of that, my phone just notified me that my credit was almost used up, as well as reminding me that my battery power was now at 15 percent. Anyone laughing yet? I called my last friend, who thankfully answered, saying that he’ll get ready and come at once. Praise the Lord! He’s good, isn’t He? But He wasn’t finished with me just yet. My friend, Mark was his name, calls me back, and my cell rings ominously. He tells me that his parents just took his car to go out, and that he no longer has a ride to come for me. Great. 

So what do I do now? Pray…. and pray as hard as possible. Cars fly by (and trucks, buses and vans too) emotionless; totally oblivious to the plight of a well dressed male trying with every fibre of his being to at least make it in time to support his friend. Thankfully, after several exchanges on the phone, pleads to God and a fortunate five dollars in credit from Mark so that I’m not completely shut off from the world (until my battery dies) a car pulls up. It was only heading one flyover down, but at this point, it was better than anything I was getting.

At this point, it felt like rinse, lather repeat. My laundry of patience was about ready to run out, however. After about another fifteen minutes or so, I was just about ready to give up, cross the flyover and take the next car back home. Matter of factly, I did give up. I was in the middle of composing my apology letter to my friend, when a maxi taxi pulls up, headed in the exact direction I was looking at going.

Praise the Lord.

I jumped in without hesitation, lapping up the crumbs that fell from the Master’s table. With a quick check at my cell, the fifteen percent marker hadn’t gone down, so things finally began to look up. We stopped off close to where I could have dropped out and walked over to the event, but against my better judgement I decided to follow instructions and go the full length before travelling directly to the lounge area, where the event was to be held.

Into the south land I came, long abandoning the idea of reaching there in time. I met up Akil, a good friend who had managed to pass me on his own journey there during my ordeal on the highway, who was now stranded as well, as there were no taxis here either. We waited and waited and waited till waiting was so much a part of us that we felt as if this place was all that we ever knew. Once again, the urge to give up arose, jeering at our situation with its menacing snickers. But I refused to back down. We took a home bound car and stopped out at the spot I mentioned earlier, then power-walked the rest of the way, reaching there no later than 7:40pm. Early, no?

It just turns out that the event itself had started late as well, and so we didn’t miss much. And when I tell you that it was a blessing, I mean it with everything I am. I endorse them with pride, and can’t begin to imagine what great exploits they would achieve during their lifetime of service to God. (go back up a bit for a link to their Facebook page… it’s okay, I’ll wait 😀 )

As comes with starting late, the event also happened to finish late. And at around ten in the night, I had no idea how I was getting back home. Thank God for crumbs! My music teacher showed up soon before the events end, and was able to give us a ride back up so that we needed not to lift a finger to travel home. Would you all believe it… to top off this whole thing, my battery still said 15% up to the moment I placed it on the charger when I got home. It was NOT supposed to even survive till I reached to the launch, far more to reach back home.

The whole experience reminded me so much of my God’s “sense of humour”. Isaiah 55:9 says:

“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

He moves in ways we can’t imagine, and it’s all to prove that He is God. He put me through something that made me feel lost, without hope and just about ready to surrender to the harsh realities of life. But just then, in my moment of weakness, His strength was made perfect, and He pulled me out of my situation with expert skill, reminding me that it’s not by might, nor by power, but by HIS spirit .

So next time He brings you to your knees, and when you call out to Him, just remember. He’s a funny guy, once you get to know Him 😉 when you look back on your experiences, it will bring a smile to your face.. and you will laugh!

Hope you all were blessed by my experience! I know I was… though I haven’t written much of them in a while, for more Real Talk, click here! God bless you all; Love you guys!


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