This morning found me alone in the coffee shop for two hours, waiting for my next class to begin. It’s not that I couldn’t find someone to hang with, but I simply chose not to. I sound do much time caught up in technology, emotion and work (whether self imposed or otherwise) that I never take time for me – minus the distractions. Got done time to delve into a book, including one if my favourites: the Bible :3

It was within this moment that I recalled one of life’s many truths. The more you pour out is the you need to be filled! It was never God’s intention for us to be like the dead sea, but live like river Jordans in our day to day endeavors. We are to let it flow at all tunes, letting God fill the spaces where out energies are spent. Without being planted by His rivers ourselves, we end up being nothing but dry bones; thirsty and and in want.

While God is the ultimate source of refreshment, there’s nothing stopping you from having your own reflections at the coffee shop; spending some where you’re at ease, doing those things that relax you and refresh you as you prepare to head back to the front lines if life.

So what’s your “coffee”? I simply love reading, drawing and spending some quality time behind a drum kit or worshipping my Lord Jesus Christ (sometimes both at the same time 😀 ) I’d live to hear what you ask enjoy as well, and maybe I bulls try done of them and see how it works for me… Look forward to hearing from you all!


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