How’s it going everyone? This blog’s turning more and more into a slideshow of every snippet of life in me through poems above all else… As school started back, I’m sure I’ll be inspired to write some more variety in the near future… who knows, I might even start back drawing 😀 

Anyways, a poem for you all to enjoy.. Hope it blesses someone out there!


I walk alone on a casual stroll, 

Humming as I head through the town

Somewhat peaceful but weathering my storms, 

Singing russet tones at sundown. 

I pass a house oh so familiar, 

teasing a smile from my lips. 

A melancholic burst of emotion flattens its crease

As the evening sours the remembered bliss. 

It’s not true sorrow I feel, 

But of simple want birthing in my heart

I recall the voice that sung so sweetly

That would bless me right from the start. 

Oh how I longed to sing along 

to that sweet special voice,

To harmonise perfectly and rhythmically

But alas, it was not my choice. 

My pace slowed, 

my songs erred. 

As I listened in the midst of the silence. 

I imagined the songs 

of her lonely heart

Stopping completely in my persistence. 

It was inevitable; 

My ears were not deceiving. 

In memory, I began to sing

her russet tones all evening. 

I knew the verse, 

And I’ve heard the phrases, 

But all my voice could not assist

to stop her russet from going solid blue places. 

But yet I still sang,

until my very last breath, 

Trusting that in my heart

that melody should be kept

I said a prayer for her, 

and went joyfully on my way. 

I declared it will be the last of it; 

No more russet tones from today. 


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