Hey guys! It’s been forever since I’ve done one of these sessions right here. The nostalgia! Never mind me and my musings about the past; I have some real talk for you all…

Anyone fancy some rib?  😉

So I’ve recently taken a look at what God did for Adam. He, (Jehovah) said that it “wasn’t good for him to be alone”, and decided to find a dsc07357companion for Him. So, He brought all the beasts of the land and the birds of the air for Adam to name, and for him to take a liking to one and get some companionship going on, but Adam didn’t like any of them like that. So God dropped some anaesthetic on him, removes a rib and closes him up real good.

Like a surgeon 8)

From Adam’s rib, he made something and brought it to Adam. And we all know Adam liked what he saw, and named her as well, calling her “woman”. And so Adam met Eve, and they both lived happily ever after…. (until…)

So I’d like to point out two simple things about this passage, other than the fact that God performed surgery before it was cool:

  • God did bring a companion for Adam, but he chose what he wanted
  • God said that it “wasn’t good” that Adam was ‘alone’. He never said that it was imperative that he found a companion.

For those of you thinking that your “other rib” is out there: STOP IT. Your rib’s right there where it belongs; inside of you. There is no one to ‘complete’ you, because God formed you in His image and likeness… The Bible states that a wife is a good thing.. it’s not a necessity, but rather a luxury thing. You don’t see Him flaunting any “good thing’s” now, do you?  So please, relax!

It was God’s plan for Adam to choose what he wanted. So, while I recommend you pray concerning your future spouse (or present), try to tailor what you pray for to be centred more around you… Pray that you will emulate the qualities that you would desire for your spouse to be subjected to, as well as to guard your heart against people who are definitely not right for you ie. those who would be a hindrance to you rather than a support.

I sincerely believe that God can bring together people from near and far for a purpose with each other, but how they relate to each other before, during and after is completely up to them. God may happen to bring a wonderful person of the opposite sex into your life, but it doesn’t mean that you two are “meant to be”. Cherish the time you do spend with such people, but remember to stay anchored in Christ, as there might just come a time where that person has to leave, or that things don’t go exactly as you would have hoped for.

Take heart, my friends. Let patience have it’s perfect work; stand fast in the Lord, and wait till the love of your life makes you soar like eagles! Never forget to keep God first no matter what. Don’t mind if he or she hasn’t shown up yet; He knows what He’s doing! Trust upon Him with all your heart; when you’re ready, and when they are ready as well, the fireworks will begin. Have fun waiting! I know I will 😀

I hope someone was blessed by this message… I know I was just writing it! For more real talk, click here! I love you guys; thanks for giving me the time out of your busy lives… GOD BLESS! 🙂 

(credit goes to http://www.thehungrymouse.com/ for the picture)


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