Hey guys! I feel like I haven’t boarded the blog train in a while, and thought I’d share a poem for you all. It’s been a while since I’ve written one frankly, and so I just feel this burning desire in me to get something out. Anyone else feels like that sometimes? Anyway, this one’s called “It’s just not me”. Hope it blesses someone out there 🙂


Fallen, broken, accused,

toppled by self; self abused.

the onomatopoeia echoes within guilty nostalgia…


With each pound

blood curdling screams resound

as with each fall, i hurt myself.

I mess up and brim cups

full of the wine I press

forced to ingest

the rewards of the lust of the flesh

As I fall to shame.

I have no one to blame

but myself.

Piled upon this mix

with a fruity twist

is the accuser of the brethren

using my tongue as a vehicle

To drive thoughts of evil

within my wretched soul,

mind tricked

with the sweet twix

that tasted so good but left me bitter.

It made my soul quiver.

How can I stand

claiming to be a righteous man

falling yet an eight time

My crime, not that I fell

but refused to get up

caught in quicksand but not willing

afraid that I’ll mess up.

Thank God it’s not left up to me

because i’d still be living in that sand sea

because, you see

that there…  it’s just not me.

God said I’m above and not beneath

and though quicksand troubles my feet

I can stand on a rock

that sees me fall but doesn’t let me drop..


went the nails and then into the tomb

blood and water gushed out…

They saw him fall too.

but He pulled through

rose and lives true

to the promise that God ensured.

Because He now lives in me

I have a guarantee

that today, I am free.

No longer the old man,

for which Satan reminds me of

but a blessed heir,

who may fall but can stand up

I was lost, but now I’m found

I know who I am, and now

I hear totally new sounds.


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