ImageI whimsically muse over the distant past; days when I would sit comfortably in my wee little pew and take in all the vibrant sensations that blasted my consciousness on a Sunday morning. Those were the days when I would mourn not being involved more; circumstance was my hindrance, my bane and in some cases, my blessing. Now, I find myself missing those days sometimes. 

Why do I miss them? Well, it’s not that hard to figure out if you think about it. Having switched from the paradigms of my past to the pressures of today, I find myself not just involved in the ministry of the church, but immersed in it. Fully. Whenever certain events present themselves to me, their tasty entrées on silver platters must be rejected because of “obligations”. Personally, this isn’t much of a problem; I welcome the sacrifice, although at times, it does endeavour to dampen your jolly mood. The time constraints, however, do pose an incredible threat to my well being, especially as a student… but alas, no one ever said that responding to the ‘call’ was going to be easy. 

The sum total of all these issues is but a molehill to the mountain that is my struggle incarnate. When you are on the ‘pew side’ of things, you are in for the time of your life. You leave refreshed, ministered to and ready to take on another week, God willing. But what of those who minister? The pulpit experience is quite different, in my esteem. (Mind you, I’m not just talking about the preacher of the day, but the worship team, musicians, moderators and the like). In fact, it can sometimes feel the exact opposite. It takes something out of you to do what you do up there, and often (for me) it leaves you drained, and in need of a refreshing yourself. 

When you get involved in the ministry, you just can’t rely on the ‘pew’ life any more. If you’re anything like me, life on pewside is but a figment of your imagination; depending on the anointing of what’s ‘up there’ is not an option, cause you’re ‘up there’ facilitating it! If you try to simply wing it and live off the crumbs that you realize you used to get from just sitting there in the audience, you’ll crash into the ground with a fireball of weariness. It’s hard to develop a habit of making it a personal experience with God, especially with the rough timetable that comes with maintaining both your ministry and your own life,   but without it, you won’t give the people what they deserve. 

My advice: just do it! Stop making excuses… you know you have time, so stop lying to yourself! There are times when you just want to relax after a long day, but what’s stopping you from relaxing in the presence of the Most High God? If you really love God, and aren’t just trying to serve because it seems to be the right thing to do, you’d totally make time for Him. So DO IT! Go on… I’ll wait 🙂

So I hope this blesses someone out there.. I know it blessed me! For more real talk, just click here 😀

Stay blessed folks!


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