Wow. I honestly can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve done this! I think it’s more for the the lack of content and the backdrop of me going back to school, but nevertheless, here I am… still breathing (for now 😉 )

So the muse of my holidays and I have taken what one may refer to as a back seat in the theatre of life, watching our own separate renditions of University. In the twinkling of an eye, schedules filled, stress built and inevitably, our communication fell apart. Perhaps there were some other factors that contributed to this rent in our relations, but in my esteem, these definitely take precedence. The static from her station left me with no choice but to simply focus on my own life for the time being, setting into motion those little maintenance checks that if left unnoticed for too long could destroy you.

A welcome break indeed.

Having but the memory of the responsible, level headed and purpose driven woman I saw in her ministry launch, there was a new light that had dappled some of her dark unknown. She seemed then to be focused; alert and truly positioned where she was meant to be at that time. I both applauded and admired her for that. It felt as a complete contrast to me (though some may disagree) for I know that when it comes to taking charge, I’m not the usual suspect in such matters, although I do drive projects from behind the scenes like a champion, if I do say so myself 🙂

In recent days, she has returned as a faint blip on my radar, there yes, but her presence not as dominant as it used to be. I paid a visit to her campus just last week, to support one of their Christian club activities, and once again; that leadership quality sprung up from within her. Sitting in the audience, I felt challenged (aside from the fact that I could just tell she was going to pick on me) and remembered just why she intrigues me so much. Truly she knows how to push my buttons, and if I wasn’t wise to this fact, I could be have been caught in so many traps on that day. I just knew that exactly where she is is where God has placed her, and I’m thankful for that.

We shared a bit of sentiments about the past we had developed, and even as I go about each day, residual memories prick my mind in rebellion against the sands of time that try to exfoliate them away with the demands of my present. They always tease a smile from my lips, and I do hope that there would be a future for me where such memories can be forged once again in the fires of destiny. Of, course, patience will have it’s perfect work, and I will gladly accept whatever cards  God wishes to deal to me.

It’s important that we cherish moments while they last; for you never know what the future holds. As much as possible, remind those you care about what they mean to you, and try your best not to leave their presence in bad terms. You learn from the past and work on the present, but the future is something that you just don’t know about… good luck guys!



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