One thing I love about God: He likes to give a test after the lesson.

Today in our campus Christian club (hereafter mentioned as IVCF) we looked upon the parable of the good Samaritan. A few things stood out to me then in that time:

  • How hard it is for us to follow instructions
  • How little attention we pay to things when we read
  • A certain truth that I always ignored because of the above

So, when called upon to present the findings of what each group had learned with their time in the Word, all came up with beautiful answers, what with showing compassion to our neighbours and demonstrating the love of Christ and how we need to take the extra step and show kindness to our enemies…

Such beautiful words…

Having left, I roamed about before one of my classes where to begin. locating a bench with music humming sweet songs in my ear, I hear an eerie voice, “EEEEEEEEXCUUUUUUSSSSEEEEEE MEEEEEE!”

To be honest, I really didn’t hear it that well, but being the smart person I am,  I was able to do some common sense operations and as we like to say in our country, put two and two together, and deciphered the nature of the situation. There was a differently abled person calling out, no doubtedly to me. In uttermost priest-like fashion, I simply ignored and sat down. God, being the sovereign ruler He is, couldn’t just let me sit there peacefully. In no time at all my mind played through each and every moment spent within the safety of that room, hearing all those preacher words that sound so nice but tend to slip through the cracks of my comfort zone. Each point, some so wonderfully executed by my very own preacher-lips, boring hole after hole into my self righteousness.

A saying a pastor gave in our church just this Sunday was the last nail in the coffin:

“If someone doesn’t share their faith with others, their salvation itself is left to be questioned.”

I stood up. Turns out the guy was trying to sell off some items to support himself, and so I patronized. With a smile, I wished him a blessed day and went off to class. Even now I wish I had done more, but I was thankful that I at least made an effort; something I wouldn’t have done before, for certain.

One thing that I recalled in that scripture, was that Jesus didn’t ask the lawyer who the Samaritan’s neighbour was, but rather whom was neighbour to the man who was left  to die. God doesn’t just want us to love our neighbours, He wants us to BE neighbours! In this day and age, it’s easy to be a priest and a Levite; preaching to the choir so we can hear those soulful amen’s and hallelujah’s that make us “feel” good but be no better than the other guy who fell asleep in the service because he was up late watching porn… He wants us to be neighbours; close to the people, real to the people, but above all that: love to the people. We need to be out there; if there is a need, we should be the one’s trying to help out (whether in our fancy suits or out) and really give of ourselves for the good of others.

I was glad to offer even just a “cup of water” in His name, and to represent IVCF in a good light, rather than bear iniquity to both myself, my group and my God. We already have enough hypocrites in this world, and I need to stop being one of them. So the next time you see your preacher/Levite friends, take them out for a Good Samaritan fellowship… that way, when the world sees you, they won’t scoff and turn their nose at you, but say, “Howdy Neighbour!”

Be the change! Love you all 😀



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