Pumping me with its rhythm

entrancing me with its odd time

this jazz is bringing me to life

Pulsating fast in my mind..

Backbeats spurning me to feel


Oh the Crescendo

Carries me so far that I can’t let go

Swing, taking me high

Blues whenever I’m brought low;

In the days gone past

I was never prepared for all that jazz…


sweetly, softly… singing.

No autotune but tuned to me automatically

knots tie in my belly, wringing ever at me

They speak, they talk to me

whether silent or screaming into dreams

they talk, and tease me.

They invite me to a familiar territory

That feels so right but just isn’t real

The bass player keeps time with my heartbeat

as I struggle to breathe…

Escape, liberty, alive,

acceptance.. these tones they never hide

It flows, it shows wherever I roam

surround me and trap my soul.

Yet somehow they stop me when I’m just about to crash.

There’s just no way to describe how it moves me

But I just can’t walk away…

It strings me along

High, slow, LOUD! fast…

You’re never really prepared

For all that jazz.


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