It isn’t easy

Staring out your window sill

looking at the stars above asking


Ebon blankets serve no comfort

as the dim stars tease

Their light a grim reminder…


To think that just eight minutes ago

they shone so bright,

But now so distant as the pale sky.

You feel just like that quiet night;

little stars do nothing to lighten you

you wish for nothing else,

but for sun’s light to return.

You know that dawn is approaching,

but that it will never be the same.

who said that the moon doesn’t shine during the day?

Mostly it goes unnoticed.

but the reflection of the light once seen before

can show up even as time moves on…

Don’t let it go unnoticed.

let the light shine on

show them you won’t stare out into the night anymore,

but be patiently waiting…

waiting at dawn’s door.



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