Today I was reminded of the beauty and power of stories. I witnessed a friend of mine reading my poems, and to know that she was blessed by it was truly a humbling experience. It made me contemplate the reasoning behind me writing that poem in the first place. In other words, I brought to remembrance a story.

It was so profound, this revelation I had. My own story, producing yet another story that projected into the great unknown. In turn, it told a tale of not my story, nor the one that manifested itself due to my experience, but another story unique to the reader. It leaves you to imagine; How many stories can come from just you speaking what’s on your mind? 

Just think about it… Your one story of struggle, warped into ballads of success, fables of a glorious victory over harsh circumstances and unlikely odds… your story, creating one of love and romance, because you were able to share that one time when despite the hate and anger burning like a volcano within you, that you chose to forgive instead of erupt. 

So how about it? Never neglect to tell your story. Don’t ever believe it’s not worth hearing; it was authored by a masterful Artist, and you can’t even begin to think of what it could mean for someone else… perhaps it won’t get that far, but it might just encourage that one person to stand up and share their story, and through them- through YOU – the world changes for the better.




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