This was a very fun presentation… It’s amazing that I wasn’t allowed to perform it for the intent upon which it was written, but I guess that just ties more and more into the theme of the piece…. Enjoy!

Here I am trodding

walking a mile in Jonah’s shoes

living my own ruse with a form of Godliness

yet confused.

Somehow I choose my way

like the Pharaoh of Moses day

Striving to take baby steps

when all I need is to obey

I won’t be swayed, much to His dismay

thinking that having a form of Godliness is okay

it’s been good so far I see

living a modern day Pharisee


lacking power and surviving on mercies

extended because of grace;

Taking two steps round back to the same place

But its good cause i’m living safe.

I see Him in a mirror dimly,


because when that which is true is to come…

this safe, misplaced faith will be undone

spewed out of the whale’s mouth like a lukewarm son

broken on the floor like crumbs

mucus stained with guilty pains

but thank God that His light is shone.

I see his face

and in me is shaped

sinews of promise bound by grace

coursing atoms of purpose in my veins

exiled off my Island with tattered chains

fetters removed recognizing Him as king.

launched into my comfort zone forever

perpetually uncomfortable with the Holy Spirit as my comforter

No longer broken apart but pieced together…

So dear Lord, I surrender.

White flag’s up as I’m down on my knees

cause I need not mine but your safety.

Where you will, there let me be;

I won’t relent until You have all of me.


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