How are you? Firstly let me apologize at once for the cheekiness; I am writing you like this in memory of the good old days. You know, it’s not everyday that I’m blessed to look into your mirror, and I say blessed, because, despite what you may think, perception is not always reality, especially when those thoughts are mental jabs at the heart caged within the confines of your being. I was thinking of how to put together this “presentation” if I can even call it that, and so I thought that instead of wrapping up this with pretty phrases and metaphors that make everything seem so nice and dandy, I’d just give it to you as it is. We both know how precious time is, and so sometimes, it’s best just to say everything as it is. 

So here goes.

YOU, my friend, are beautiful. I’m not talking see a girl walking down the street and a couple heads turn beautiful; I’m talking see her walking by and get intimidated by her mere presence, recognizing another fragment of how awesome God is, spouting forth images of meadows and gardens and butterflies and all that good stuff realizing that nothing compares to you beautiful. The kind of beautiful that’s soul deep. Not make-up deep, silicon deep, designer fabric deep…. soul deepYour beauty isn’t malnourished, disproportionate or crushed, deformed and uncomfortable just to fit some mould, cause it isn’t a stereotyped beauty. It’s a beauty that, is simply, yet wonderfully, yours. No one else can say that they are as beautiful as you. No one can HOPE to be as beautiful as you. 

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I mean, you’ve been in God’s eyes since day negative infinity, so that alone should say a lot, but I thank God that I can speak for myself, for I know if one person has ever beheld you, it’s me. I’ve seen you, and what I saw was beauty. Everywhere. I have glasses, and so I could see pretty well, and they haven’t let me down yet. You have that beauty that leaves impressions upon people; it moves them… stirs them to the point where they can’t sit still any more. They simply have to  say something about you. They try to find fault because they can’t understand what they see; but who are THEY to judge God’s handiwork? Only an artist can understand art.

That being said, I’m probably not one to judge either, so don’t take my word for it. The One true artist, like the boss He is, spoke and made perfection. Every time He finished, He looked at what He did, and said that “it was good”. So hey, from His standpoint, you look pretty darn good to me! Words have power, and many brandish it like foolhardy firebrands, not realizing the damage fire has to a dry forest. But, within the proper hands, they can be the elixirs that stir up the beautiful things in life 😉 

To all those who feel broken, worthless and doubt themselves… please stop. The only person who has to live with you at the end of the day is yourself; and while you may feel that you don’t measure up, the truth is that you don’t have to. God made you exactly who you are, sees you and says that you are good. And He knows what He’s talking about! You are wonderful, and especially beautiful being you and nobody else. It will hurt me to see you any other way. So, I hope you, having read this letter, feel that little oomph of awesome extra that will help you kick some stereotypes to the curb (but not the people, as much as you may want to). I can’t wait to see you all again, and behold that beauty that resides in you once more. Chao!

Love always, 





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