You can sing all you want to

sing all you want too…

and that sounds nice

but you may never know the price

of my worship.

When I fall down face to the ground

pounding the floor cause I know…

don’t judge me.

Don’t be another Pharisee

for Jesus to write in the sand for you to see

Don’t ACT like you never committed adultery.

You might not have lied with woman or a man

but you lied.

You stole, you killed with your crimes.

so don’t point those four filthy fingers at yourself.

I didn’t ask for your help

to know that I’m not perfect.

You clearly don’t know the price of my worship.

But let me cast you a shilling if your willing.

He who has an ear to hear

I’ll speak up so I’m loud and clear.

I was lost, like the value of a penny

when Christ came and found me

slaughter bound running round in circles

sickle primed to my chaff

I can’t give a dime for every time

I went and spat in His guitar case.

He was on my corner playing His soulful hits

not asking for a tip

but just that I would listen.

that was until I dropped a bub

receiving with gladness His love

with a stony soiled heart

popping my collar cause

pride won’t let me give Him the whole dollar.

You still wanna act like you know me?

you wanna know the cost of worship from one who’s unworthy?

I tried my best, you know,

But ten percent, that was a no no.

I couldn’t find a reasonable service

because my living sacrifice felt too worthless

That’s when He imposed a fine

that totally blew my mind.

He told me the cost of a slave.

Because i don’t behave

I earned my wage; death

but he spared no time nor breath

so say why I’m saved.

He looked at my debt, and said it’s already been paid.

I was at my world’s end

smaller than a hobbit at bag’s end

bare feet, walking in the naked truth

ten cents, five cents all i’ve spent

fitlthy rags were all they meant

cause I could never buy my freedom.

So I asked Him what gift could ever be worth this

because all i’ve given is worthless

He smiled, said I could never pay him back,

but it’s always free to worship…

So when you see me

screaming lungs screeching hands swinging in the air


judge me.

Don’t ascribe any price to my worship with your filthy scales

because My God said it’s free.

whoever the son has set free, is free indeed.

whatever anyone else says,

that’s heresy.



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