I wanna be where nothing makes sense
Cause If i’m making sense
Men are making dollars
I’d be feeding their wallets and popping their collars
but I don’t wanna be in a place of financial blessing
where my pocket’s fat and my soul’s wanting
because my soul wants transformation
mental translation
to a plane where there’s nothing but a demonstration
of Your power
A dispensation of Your glory
not just some story
for fairy tails to dust away the phonies
But to be mind shocked
heart popped
eyes not decieved and mind stopped
I want to be out of the rational
because that can be explained
so full of Your glory
that I must be insane
ascended to that plane
soaring with eagles wings
landing on a boat that sings
Out of the orignal
and into the origin
where Christ is king
and demons cringe
spirit’s singed where fire springs
wheeling like chariots and all sorts of things
where the physical is dismal
distant and foolish
where physics dies and chemistry makes a wish
that somehow, they could be right.
But i refuse to let sight
hold me,
my senses bond me or control me
The only logical solution isn’t effervescence
the only thing that should exude from me
Is your Holy presence.

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