Partially because I wanted to get in that one laaaast piece of 2013 in before the new year, and partially because I wanted to express the joy I’ve been blessed with most recently, I decided to squeeze in a poem for you all.. Enjoy!

You struck me as special

A blessed individual

Ever since the day I met you

You shone radiantly

Joy expressed so beautifully

With the very essence of truth

I can’t say it’s been since then

That I thought of you as more than a friend,

But I enjoyed that part the most;

You became my friend.

I can’t explain what circumstance

Drove me to take this stance

That I would be surrounded in awe

Just to behold you

In loving arms to hold you

For that was never what I saw

But by God’s grace

A miracle took place,

And you somehow graced my life.

He is just that good.

A new day has dawned today,

With a gift given since Christmas day

That I’d have joy unspeakable

For in His perfect timing

I see the silver lining

I admit it’s most beautiful.

A new year has brought

A peace most sought

A peace that I found in you;

A great year for both of us together…

In Jesus name!


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