It was only two days ago that an old friend mentioned to me some interesting words; words that in my heart I knew were true, but they never had the opportunity to explore the crevices of my mind and really unlock the revelation that lay within that arcane statement. 

“Sometimes, God likes to show us where we came from.”

I mentioned Jeremiah 29. a chapter from one of my favourite books ever (the bible <3) in a recent post and truth be told, it piqued my interest as of late. It outlined that there were some false prophets claiming that Israel were going to be freed from Babylonian captivity earlier than usual, but that was not His will at all. He sent word to them, saying that they have to wait their entire 70 years before they shall be freed from their bondage, and so to make peace with the city and seek to increase, rather than bereave themselves in a false hope in an illusory future. 

How does this relate? In the chapter God says something that most Christians love to quote. He says that He knows the plans that He has toward us, and to give us an expected end, as mentioned in some translations. The end He was stating was very much expected; freedom after 70 years, and He was sure to silence the mouths of those who told His people otherwise. 

We do face many challenges in life, some made of our own devices, but nonetheless God has an expected end for us. The only way for us to know that expected end is find out from Him, of course, which is no different from the illustration above, as He sent word via a prophet. These situations and circumstances, believe it or not, are meant for a reason, and in some instances might just be that expected end you’re looking for. But all of these things are future references right?

Let’s get back to the past then, shall we? 

Whenever we stare into the pond of the past, if we calm our minds enough as to not disturb it with the ripples of our excitement, we can see some of these “expected ends” that I mentioned earlier. Whether it was that vacation you worked your butt off to enjoy the luxury of that new laptop, that time when you were robbed of your comfort, possessions and sanity all at once, fell off your axis because that girl you idolized said no to you or whatever it is that you actually went through and not one of my experiences, you see why it happened, and the person you became because of it. It’s humbling, refreshing and invigorating to recognize that expected end, and reminds us that yes, what we go through is for a reason. 

So what are some of your expected ends? Feel free to share them so that others can be encouraged by them and learn from your own successes and failures. I’d love to hear them too! It’s not everyday that life teaches you something, but if you make it your business to teach someone else something, they will love you for it. 

So don’t be discouraged! Your expected end is coming soon! Love you all 🙂


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