It’s appalling;

that when the moon has come

that upon a blessed night

it looks as but one.

shining brightly

upon a cloudless night

you can see it clearly

and bask in all it’s light.

the wonder of it all

engraved with unknown glyphs

yet concern and care is absent,

caught in  temporal rifts.

Tomorrow is uncertain

But I’m unaware of it’s plight

All i care about right now

is the moon i see tonight.

I once saw two halves,

more accurately just one.

but after eons of waiting,

the second half has come.

it shines on,

oblivious to the world around.

cares not for the chaos upon it,

for it hears not a sound.

I may not stay till dawn

but all i can really say

is that one moon is so beautiful;

it has shone complete today.




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