My God,

I love you.

No poetic response, etched within metaphors

And rhythmic contours.

Just love.

Real, unabashed, pure.

From my very core.

I love you.

Seasons change, and so have I,

For I’ve come to love you more

I’ve come to appreciate what you do for me,

The good, the bad…

The ugly.

All that you have done to make me who I ought to be…


I love you.

I will never get tired of saying that,

Why? Because it’s true,

And love rejoices in truth..

That is what you said, right?

And I truly love you.

Grace, mercy and many other qualities

You bestow.

You elucidate what I appreciate,

Because I can’t say I earned them.

I was wretched just like the other guy

Making messes that no toilet paper could cleanse

No shower, no detergent.

Just blood.

My blood.

You love me,

And that’s why I’m clean,

Because You became my sin,

So I could be your righteousness,

By grace, through faith

I am now saved.

I’m free, full of joy in your presence

And full of love.

Full of love for you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

Why? Because!

I love you Jesus.


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